CSDS Forensics Academy – Trimble Forensics Reveal Software Course

This web-based course is to give users a solid understanding of the Trimble Forensics Reveal software platform and the workflows used to import the data that was recorded in the field and create an accurate diagram from that data. When combined with an effective field workflow for recording the data on scene, the solution cuts down on the processing time and gives users the ability to generate a quick diagram and move on to other tasks.

This course is broken into different sections and lessons to help create a path through the information and give the user a solid understanding of the basics. It also gives users the ability to sign in and learn a piece at a time instead of being bombarded by new information. At the end of the course, users will have the ability to take scene data and create/deliver a diagram.

Course Information

Difficulty: Beginner


Course Instructor

Terrell Carlton Terrell Carlton Author

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