GSA Workflow Test

This course presents stakeout routines in Trimble Access. We’ll cover a variety of stakeout types and take a brand new user through the steps of getting data on to the data collector and laid out in the field and throw in some tips that even seasoned user can benefit from. Did you know that Trimble Access allows you to stake out to line work in a DXF file? Did you know that in 2016, adding offsets to points became much easier? We’ll cover these workflows and others to give the student a well-rounded understanding of staking data in Trimble Access.

This part of the CSDS Geospatial Academy, a yearly membership that provides easy access to high quality training content, giving users the ability to learn and review at their own pace and receive certifications for a variety of geospatial solutions.

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Difficulty: Beginner


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Rob Jones Rob Jones Author

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